Packing for VancouFur

Thursday, March 5th, 2015 07:10 pm
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One of the cats just put a hopeful paw on my tail hoping to drag it away. Is not actually cat toy, however.

I've put my XO on top of it but he might start going after that. Nom, little green computer ears.


Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 11:55 pm
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VancouFur was loads of fun.

In lieu of a proper summary, some amusing things overhead through the weekend:

I haven't seen Phil all evening. He must be in a room doing things.

They're all waiting for a master. All of them.

You can see the depression in her soul by the way she flourishes her arms.

Your tails don't match. I'm not sure I can deal with that.

Your paws fell off. You're mutating into a human.

New things

Sunday, September 30th, 2012 12:10 pm
katherine: Pink-haired, green My Little Pony toy held by anthropomorphic spotted cat. (holding toy)
I paused by the props and other items table that at Vancoufur I got my catfish from. They asked if I was still enjoying the fish. I replied "Absolutely," and showed them that I've now got him a badge. (Sweet art tag from Onnanoko.)

There was a particular tail at their table that really caught my eye (and felt soft). So I petted that, considered, handed over cash, and now have a new tail.

Wildly not my own character's colours (this new tail is light pink and has silver tinsel) but if I don't think of another explanation, "transporter accident" will do!

Now adjusting outfit to have new tail. Other accessories: Fluttershy pendant, Applejack hairclip. I'll at least look in on the pony social event.

That was fun

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 08:02 pm
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Fun, lower-key and less just running around than usual but that was grand. Still saw people if not for as long as some years.

While making my way through crowds around the parade I got a compliment on my tail.

Out On Shelves Library was having a booksale. I got Mary Renault's The Persian Boy and The Mask of Apollo. I already have copies of both but nice paperbacks by donation how could I resist. Of course I promptly started re-reading The Mask of Apollo as it was in my hands.


Saturday, August 4th, 2012 06:27 pm
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Putting together my stuff and outfit for Pride tomorrow. I discovered that the shorts I was already planning to wear have the two beltloops close together at the back, which is perfect as my tail only has one elastic loop. So that's all lined up on the rainbow belt!
katherine: Pink-haired, green My Little Pony toy held by anthropomorphic spotted cat. (holding toy)
Pancake, apple butter and bacon breakfast ([ profile] shaterri cooked) with the household was wonderful.

Driving in the rain in clogged freeway and arriving when Alexander James Adams concert was three-quarters over was significantly less so. Still got to hear Black Unicorn and a couple other songs with one story before the end.

Chatted with people of course, I will add or post up names once home with notes and an actual computer.

The line to pick things up from the art show / auction was epic, but we had patience and no expectation of efficiency so that was fine. A red fox snoozed with his spare (I assumed newly/bought) tail for a pillow.
katherine: Pink-haired, green My Little Pony toy held by anthropomorphic spotted cat. (holding toy)
May 16

[10:40 AM] Everyone else must be doing not-computer stuff: I have a connection. Hanging out in sitting area and showing off my XO.

[4:19 PM] sitting in coldish room at All Fur Fun waiting for Ursa Major Awards. Lights keep going on and off: technical difficulties.

[4:22 PM] Announcer is mangling names...

[4:23 PM] No need to riot, the v. controversial magazine did not win.

[4:25 PM] thinks Heathen City is going to win best comic book... and so it has.

[4:29 PM] wants Bolt to win best anthro' film.
[4:29 PM] cheers loudly and gets looked at/

[6:52 PM] wandering around the place wearing a tail, for a change.

May 17

[10:24 PM] is not at Stormcock room party. Internets will entertain me.


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