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The recent Reference to the Supreme Court (Reference re Same-Sex Marriage) is a good read.

A major point is that "the mere recognition of the equality rights of one group cannot, in itself, constitute a violation of the ... rights of another."

Canadian Federalism

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 10:42 pm
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Sharing the joy of a book I picked from Langara library's free stuff. (There's usually a cart or two of items they've presumably weeded or had donated, and don't expect even to sell.)

One Garth Stevenson published, in 1982, Unfulfilled Union: Canadian Federalism and National Unity. His preface declares:

the central argument of this book [...] is that a pervasive ideology of "provincial rights," orchestrated by certain provincial governments and the interests which they promote, has encouraged Canadians to acquiesce in the drift of their country toward a syndrome of quasi-feudal confederalism that has no parallel in the modern world, and that threatens both the political and economic health of the nation.

I'm only a short ways into the first chapter (The Meaning of Federalism), but have already encountered gems.

I present this dry description:

Among the more strikingly unfavourable assessments [of federal government] was that of former Nigerian Prime Minister Sir Abubaker Balewa, who at his last meeting with Harold Wilson said to him: "You are fortunate. One thing only I wish for you, that you never have to become Primer Minister of a federal and divided country."
  Since he was assassinated four days after making this remark, and since his death proved to be the opening of the Nigerian civil war, Balewa's pessimisim was probably justified.


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