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(Finally getting to catching up on posting art.)

Rabbit on a Rollator. Pencil crayons (metallic silver for the necklace) and black fineliner pen.
Lop-eared Rabbit in a silver necklace with round charm seated on a black rollator.

I have a few ideas for other items in the alphabet, although a whole alphabet on the mobility theme might involve resorting to brand names.

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Friday, May 31st, 2013 07:54 pm
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(Subtitled: working on that backlog of things I saved to post.)

Interesting crossover of topics: art, disability, and anthropomorphism.

I read this item in In the Picture: FAQs - Scope UK

Most of our characters are personified animals. How can disability be portrayed accurately and sensitively in these cases?

Where animals are personified in picture books they tend to wear clothes; this means that they should also be able to wear accessories associated with disability. There may be some problems with the difference in body shapes between animals and humans and accessories may need to be adapted to suit.

The Children in the Picture website section where I read that FAQ has a list of books, an image bank, and illustrations by Quentin Blake!
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I recently read Pollyanna Grows Up for the first time. (It was one of the "recycled reads" I got at the Kelowna library.) So when I got Take Up Thy Bed and Walk: Death, Disability and Cure in Classic Fiction for Girls out of my local library, the chapter I was most interested in was "A Study of Disability, Class, and Gender: Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor Porter".

The whole book, though, has been a very interesting read.

And now I want to re-re-read What Katy Did.


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