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I am getting excited about [community profile] invisible_ficathon

Among other items, I have nominated Bolt (the in-universe TV series) and the Higgley-piggley song.

The Higgely-piggely song is from Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson.

Path is so wiggely,
Time is past four.
Almost dead beat
On tired little feet;
No friendly door.

(The above is from a Puffins Books edition, translation by "Ernest Benn Ltd, 1959")
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And There Were Days (198 words) by Katherine
Fandom: Bolt (2008)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Bolt - Character, Mittens, Rhino

Bolt cocked his head, not understanding Mittens' statement.

"I can't have kittens," Mittens repeated. "They cut that out of me too."

"Oh," Bolt said, ears drooping.

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Hillariously, I had an anxiety dream about Yuletide, that the recipients of the stories I wrote disliked them and marked them as incomplete, while the story I recieved was horrendous grammar and barely on topic (human AU) and I marked it incomplete then realised it was actually spam.

Then I woke up to Christmas morning and actual Yuletide!

The story gifted to me left me teary-eyed and grinning and making little snortles of laughter at various parts, and incredibly happy.

Belong to You (4927 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Bolt (2008)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mittens (Bolt), Bolt (Bolt), Rhino (Bolt), Penny (Bolt), Penny's Mom (Bolt)
Summary: When Penny and Bolt are asked to participate in a reunion special back in Hollywood, Mittens worries about her place in their lives.

Yuletide letter

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 09:57 pm
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My letter for this year's Yuletide story exchange.

Thank you for taking on writing a story for me! I am excited and grateful.

(Plus I get to talk about some works I really like.)

My requests are for

Lifewave Series | Kren Series - Jacqueline Lichtenberg (science fiction novels)

Blood Brothers - Willy Russell (musical about class and fate)

Bolt (2008) (animated film about a dog learning he isn't actually a superhero)

Read more... )

General thoughts

All of these are works where I'm fascinated by the universe and whole story, so wherever inspiration takes you in terms of time and character focus. I particularly enjoy themes of making family and interpersonal bonds, whether that's pairs (any gender and species combination) or confusions or networks, innocently or implied not so innocent.
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This time caught gay pigeons reference: "Tom is better at pitching."
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May 16

[10:40 AM] Everyone else must be doing not-computer stuff: I have a connection. Hanging out in sitting area and showing off my XO.

[4:19 PM] sitting in coldish room at All Fur Fun waiting for Ursa Major Awards. Lights keep going on and off: technical difficulties.

[4:22 PM] Announcer is mangling names...

[4:23 PM] No need to riot, the v. controversial magazine did not win.

[4:25 PM] thinks Heathen City is going to win best comic book... and so it has.

[4:29 PM] wants Bolt to win best anthro' film.
[4:29 PM] cheers loudly and gets looked at/

[6:52 PM] wandering around the place wearing a tail, for a change.

May 17

[10:24 PM] is not at Stormcock room party. Internets will entertain me.


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