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Sunday, September 30th, 2012 12:10 pm
katherine: Pink-haired, green My Little Pony toy held by anthropomorphic spotted cat. (holding toy)
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I paused by the props and other items table that at Vancoufur I got my catfish from. They asked if I was still enjoying the fish. I replied "Absolutely," and showed them that I've now got him a badge. (Sweet art tag from Onnanoko.)

There was a particular tail at their table that really caught my eye (and felt soft). So I petted that, considered, handed over cash, and now have a new tail.

Wildly not my own character's colours (this new tail is light pink and has silver tinsel) but if I don't think of another explanation, "transporter accident" will do!

Now adjusting outfit to have new tail. Other accessories: Fluttershy pendant, Applejack hairclip. I'll at least look in on the pony social event.
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