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From an Atlantic article I read of babies in incubators at Coney Island and fairs.

There's Coney Island Sideshows at Neonatology on the Web (which has the pleasing spare look of the twenty-year old website it apparently is).

That has me imagining Steve and Bucky seeing tiny babies at the 1943 World Expo.

Dodgy footnotes

Sunday, January 29th, 2012 11:04 am
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I took out from the library a book that purports to be all sciencey but I'd read about with considerable skepticism. The internet had told me of footnotes that make no sense and yes, there really are. I kept flipping, and found various instances that made me wince, such as four Ibids in a row.

The most awful was a statement about a source of information, and the footnote marker points to: the Acknowledgements. The Acknowledgements of the actual book. This book points to its very own Acknowledgements section in a footnote.

Burgess Shale

Friday, August 19th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Tonight we went to British Columbia’s Burgess Shale, a talk at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, and it was great. Really neat to see photos of the site and fossils, interesting to me since I read Stephen Jay Gould's Wonderful Life many years ago. And some fascinating (and pretty art of) new reconstructions and newly-described species.

Plus I enjoyed the presenter and his responses to questions at the end. When asked if he thought the Smithsonian would ever return specimens to British Columbia, he said he didn't think so: we'd burned the White House once.


Sunday, August 1st, 2010 10:14 pm
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Pride was a fabulous day, as always.

I wore my wonderful Schrodinger's Cat shirt (Woot shirt designed by [personal profile] dxs). Did not anticipate this leading to my having to try to explain the thing not one but twice, both times with reasurances that is physics-philosophy thought experiment, not actual mean to cats experiment.

By towards the end of the afternoon I was extra decorated, because of beloved making me a pretty rainbow decoration out of stray coloured feathers I'd picked up, tucked into the End the blood ban button I'd been given earlier in the day.

Rainbow feathers in button against brown shirtsleeve


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