Fish Go "Blub"

Thursday, April 30th, 2015 06:44 pm
katherine: Whiskery catfish, papercutting of dark paper with cream background (catfish papercut)
Glitter on fabric. (Specifically, so said the labels for the glitter, holographic larger pieces of glitter plus fine glitter in black, silver, and white.)

Three sideways silhouettes of fish, dark-edged silver glitter, on light blue
katherine: Cat-eared Dreamsheep, sleeping against a pale green background (catdreamsheep)
Project done yesterday (deadline being before leaving so I could wear it at the con) and I am so pleased with how it came out.

Recently bought a Puma shirt, long-sleeved deep pink with a silver feline half-outline on the front. Cool as is, but I really wanted to make it into a spotted cat.

My girlfriend brought me over pieces of fuzzy black iron-on material (cursive letters I got to cut up to the shapes and spots I wanted) which I placed carefully, and she did nearly all of the actually ironing-on part of the project.

Leaping feline: black rosettes and spots, silver outline, on red-pink background


katherine: Girl with glasses: Fuzzy cat with a folded pair of glasses by her paw. (Default)


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