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Monday, July 29th, 2013 09:05 pm
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Thank you!

Daggie Dogfoot | Pigs Might Fly - Dick King-Smith

Rating: General Audiences, Teen And Up Audiences
Character: Felicity (Daggie Dogfoot)

I'm particularly interested in Felicity's past. But more of her time with Daggie (and swimming) would be fun to read also.

Source: Daggie Dogfoot, later reprinted as Pigs Might Flight, is one of this author's many children's books about young pigs. This one also includes Felicity, a Muscovy duck.

The Subway Mouse - Barbara Reid

Rating: General Audiences
Any Character

I'm interested in reading a story set in any time within The Subway Mouse or beyond. Past (Nib's or Lola's), more details of Nib's journey, or their future together.

A story of one of their children or grandchildren who undertakes a journey to become a subway mouse would be lovely.

Source: There are descriptions and images available at:

Black Stallion Series - Walter Farley

Any Rating
Character: The Black | Shêtân

Anything focused on the Black. More details on some incident from his youth or the earlier books. From his point of view (not narrative or first person necessarily, but the focus on what he is aware of as some chapters do) would be wonderful.

I'd enjoy reading more about his encounters with Flame.

The Lost Prince - Frances Hodgson Burnett

Rating: General Audiences, Teen And Up Audiences
Character: Jem Ratcliffe

A story focused on the Rat, especially his past or his friendship and journeys with Marco. I feel the Rat's fealty as the most significant part of their relationship. I don't need to read these two as in a romantic or sexual pairing, but if that's what you feel wanting to write I certainly don't mind.

I would be thrilled to get to read a story in which the Rat is a girl.

Source: On Project Gutenberg!

Two by Two

Sunday, March 25th, 2012 05:27 pm
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Another Barbara Reid book has come into my hands. My favourite page of Two by Two is the cutaway picture of the very crowded ark.

I stared at the page that shows two red foxes walking onto the ark and wondered if the story as told in this book can match up with Fox Walked Alone. I seem to remember the foxes came on last or nearly last in that one.

Fox Walked Alone

Saturday, September 17th, 2011 06:50 pm
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I picked up my hold from the library today, another Barbara Reid, this one Fox Walked Alone which doesn't have quite the fascination of The Subway Mouse (the illustrations are done in just plasticine, without additional paint and pieces) but still pretty, and the animals curled up together!
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Recently discovered a gorgeous sweet book, The Subway Mouse by Barbara Reid. The illustrations are done with Plasticine and paint and found objects.

Got to share said book with my beloved that very day and she liked it too. Later that day she asked me to write labels, and I salvaged one I started wrong (U and then the loop of a wrong letter) into an egg and a mouse with a loop in its tail.
Speckled egg placed next to a small mouse that sitting with a loop in its tail

The rainbowy colours in the background came about somewhere in the digital camera failing in not bright enough light and today's attempting to adjust levels in Photoshop flow. But I decided I like the effect.

Mice are a theme of the week. Graham and I went camping this weekend and there were mice running in and out of the cabin. They were incredibly cute.


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