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Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 07:07 pm
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The air stank of roses. Nothing good came from roses, especially these.

Garnett kept one hand over his mouth to keep the pollen out. He would not give the Goddess Gyanyu a chance to capture him again.

Not after escaping all those years ago.

But there was no escape now, not with Xun leading them deeper into Gyanyu's territory and the High King's orders.

Towards the slaves of the roses.

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Well, despite having a nasty cold, I got this up. A bit later than I wanted and I'm not at all sure I'll get this week's story done but hey, I'll take it. Hope you enjoy the story!

Car 'rams Brazilian president's gate'

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 01:32 am
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A car reportedly rams the gate of the president's palace as pressure grows on Michel Temer to resign.

Prompt Post

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 09:22 pm
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This post will be used for brainstorming Prompts, projects and other drawing activities.

We encourage community members to contribute ideas, themes, phrases, lyrics, etc. in the comments section of this post, as well as links to drawing warm-ups, exercises, and any other interesting prompts that might inspire our artists.
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Today was the big day: we signed the contract with an assisted living facility and got the keys to her room. We can start moving things in immediately, she takes up residence July 12, two weeks from today.

Update re beds: D has decided she wants her full bed in there, at least to start, so it looks like we're not getting a temporary or new bed at this time. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! They were very helpful! Also, she has a week to change her mind about this plan.

After the signing, which was a 2+ hour process, we went out for lunch, then adjourned to her place and measured furniture.

Due to dealing with her move, I'm going to be somewhat hosed over the next two weeks. (If you have a favorite moving company that does small moves on the North Shore, feel free to mention in the comments. I have two recs already, but I could stand to get quotes from one or two more. Also, I feel nervous about trying to book movers in 14 days or less, so want a pool of leads at hand.)

I was hoping to get at least one post out this month, but right now I'm so exhausted I can't see straight, and I have lots of patients tomorrow and part of Friday, which is the last day of the month. We'll see.

The good news is that in the middle of July, whatever my availability had been, it (knock on wood) should be substantially improved. Not only will we be getting D settled, I have a bunch of patients all going on protracted vacations, so my clinical caseload will be temporarily lightened.

Once D is moved, we'll need to start worrying about what to do with her house, but there's no urgency on that. I think that while there's some minimal stuff that we'll get out of the way, G and I are planning on taking a nice break from Dealing With Things And Evacuating Houses for a little while.

Of course, all that goes out the window if D's health takes a turn for the worse – or for that matter if any other emergencies emerge. But right now I'm hopeful that later this coming month I'll be able to be around more and be shoving more posts out the door. Here's hoping.

Fic corner is not closed yet

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Figure you've got about an hour from the time stamp on this post.
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There are times when you have to take a plot bunny out behind the shed and quietly do away with it before it eats everything in sight. So when I was hit with an awful, soul-crushing fusion idea for Yuri!!! on Ice and Puella Magi Madoka Magica -- in which Yuri Plisetsky is essentially Akemi Homura, a once sweet and charming child turned bitter and cold-hearted by a thousand failed timeloops in which he's been unable to stop his friends from dying or turning into witches -- I had to bash out this ficlet and throttle the concept at the source.

(Tidied up from the original anon posting at F_FA. Title from the Madoka ending theme, Magia by Kalafina. Some text modified from Madoka EP 10. Warning for Madoka-canon-typical violent character death.)

You can go back in time, right, Yurio? )

I have no intention of writing more of this, because did I mention that it would be soul-crushing? *goes to toss it at AO3 and then lie down for a while*

In-NOCT-rination, or Loki's in love

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 02:07 am
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GUYS. I wanted you to be the first to know. I’ve fallen in love.

Their name is Final Fantasy XV.


Let me explain.

So I am very aware I’ve barely posted recently -- about three times a month since March, and this last month it FEELS like I’ve barely posted because it’s almost all been about wider-world stuff. (And even then, I’ve been so quiet given what’s happening? Because British politics right now is BANANAS.)

This is mostly because I’ve been working a LOT, and playing pretty hard too. I really want to do a catch-up post on all the RL things, and also about a bunch of the fannish things I’ve been doing (not so much on the writing of fic, sadly -- it’s been pathetic) and etc. Buuut right now I need to tell you about Final Fantasy XV because it is EATING MY HEAD.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this emotionally compromised over a fandom. I cried down the phone to [ profile] son_of_darkness (aka [ profile] bestchocobro/[ profile] sodsta) for the better part of an hour over the ending, and was only comforted when we made kinkfic plans.

It’s really very much all [ profile] son_of_darkness’s fault.

so whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat at least I had the strength to fight )

It’s so great. Like, it’s incredibly awesome as a canon, and it kinda fits my fic interests and skills (dark kinky porn, romantic kinky porn, and punny banter) to a T. Plus I love reading hurt/comfort, and I’ve barely written it ever but I just signed up for a [community profile] hc_bingo card because I do wanna write more h/c and this canon is RIDICULOUSLY good for it.

And these CHARACTERS. I love them ridiculously much. There’s this enormous muscled bro who’s so kind and connects with people, and lashes out against his prince when their friend is seriously hurt, and his whole family legacy is shielding the king but it’s impossible. And exasperated, sarcastic, fond, kind Iggy, who cooks for them and is the prince’s adviser and strategist and mum friend, and so hardcore and so practical and so lovely. (He reminds me of Giles in a lot of ways, including the sudden darkness of what he’s willing to do to protect his warrior.) Both these guys are so young and trying to take care of their prince, who’s even younger. Prompto, the best friend, he’s funny and makes awful puns and takes selfies with the daemons they fight; he’s the prince’s only friend from outside the courtly world and he gets crushes on all the girls and he’s screamingly vulnerable. His parents were never home, he was a fat (and self-hating) & friendless kid, he worries that he’s worthless and is desperate to earn his place. That his origins with the enemy nation will be discovered and his friends will reject him. And then the villain tricks his best friend into pushing him off a moving train.

SPEAKING OF. OMG, the main character, Noct. He’s a sarcastic little bitch, and he sleeps all the time, and he hates vegetables despite Iggy’s best efforts, and he has back and leg pain from a daemon attack as a kid, and he had this miserable lonely childhood even as the other kids were desperate to glom onto a prince. And he yearns to play games at the arcade and eat junk food and be a normal kid but he never whines about it. He’s so scared that he won’t be enough, that he won’t be heroic or brave enough to do his duty, but he is, of course he is, he doesn’t flinch. *cries forever*

I LOVE THEM. I want to write h/c for their pain and dark porn for their encounters with the amazing, amazing villain. He’s super manipulative and clever and totally wins through his defeat, and he likes emotionally torturing the heroes and touching their faces and being super-sleazy. He’s a delight.

I have fallen HARD for a new fandom, guys. Not leaving any of my old ones, of course, but WOW.


The Scary Story racket is a two-part grift

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 12:16 am
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Posted by Fred Clark

The private jet is the detail that really jumps out at everybody. As it should — it’s such an extravagant example of the kind of crassly self-indulgent excess and exploitative corruption at the heart of this story: Meanwhile, a company run by Gary’s wife, Kim Sekulow, has received $6.2m since 2000 in fees for media [Read More...]


Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 09:12 pm
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1. Days when it is not yet dark out at 9pm. I mean, it's no longer daylight? But it's not completely dark.

2. Watching the sky change. My wee solar-powered lights against the backdrop of the changing evening sky.

3. Glass of rosé. I think this may be the Summer of Rosé for me.

4. Having an ARC of a book I am totally totally psyched to read. (Alas I am exhausted and am not going to stay up to read it tonight, but I have hopes of reading more of it tomorrow.)

5. I got my ticket to Vividcon! I'll be there Thurs-Mon this year, and I already can't wait.

Australian cardinal charged with sex offences

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 01:16 am
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Australia's most senior Catholic figure is accused of "historical" offences, police say.

War of verse

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 12:55 am
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A comment by a prominent politician has touched off a fevered debate over Russian influence in a former Soviet republic.
[syndicated profile] bbcnewsworld_feed
Drones could reach people suffering cardiac arrest faster than ambulances, according to a new trial.

What I'm Doing Wednesday

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 08:12 pm
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Harry Potter Day (HP20) was Monday, so I cracked open the first volume and reread some of it. I'd forgotten about McGonnagal trying to argue Dumbledore out of leaving H with the Dursleys after she'd done all the Dursley recon that Dumbledore chose not to. *imagines a verse where she and her extended family raised Harry in Scotland, reading to him from Hogwarts: a History every night of his wee childhood and putting him on a training broom at age 3* She would have been the best gran ever. (I don't suppose this exists, does it?)

Vol gig continues, and lately I've been getting to use my atrophied Spanish skills. Luckily, most Spanish-speakers know a little English or have a bilingual kid with them, so together we've managed to get their questions answered and I've learned some new words. I'm also finding it interesting how often people approach me for help rather than the actual employees. I mean, they don't know I'm a volunteer instead of an employee. Maybe I look especially harmless? Happy to be there? IDK.

activist yarning, aka craftivism
I'm working on an epic something for Independence Day and I am so excited! I forget how much I love turning a photo into a 3D yarn thing. Also, this has been super-therapeutic against this week's horrible news cycle.

art community plug!
ICYMI: the brilliant and talented [personal profile] goss & [personal profile] mific have launched [community profile] drawesome, a comm for drawing fanart. Yay art! <3

Rules and Guidelines | FAQ

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 08:05 pm
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Posting Guidelines )


Frequently Asked Questions )


If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your administrators [personal profile] goss or [personal profile] mific via DW message. Thank you. :)

Is there a doctor in the house?

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 06:06 pm
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Possibly one who might also be willing to help a dog stuck up a tree?

Fic Corner Scribbler Letter

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 08:59 pm
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Placeholder. Nothing to see here yet.
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Posted by mitch

The U.S. Copyright Office just released a long-awaited report about Section 1201, the law that bans circumventing digital restrictions on copyrighted works. Despite years of evidence that the social costs of the law far outweigh any benefits, the Copyright Office is mostly happy with the law as it is. The Office does recommend that Congress enact some narrow reforms aimed at protecting security research, repair activities, and access for people with disabilities.

We’re sorry the Office didn’t take a stronger stance. Section 1201, part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, makes it illegal to circumvent any “technological protection measure” (often called DRM) that controls access to copyrighted works. It also bans the manufacture and sale of tools to circumvent those digital locks. Although it was pitched as a new legal protection for copyright holders to prevent infringement, the law has given major entertainment companies and other copyright owners lots of control over non-infringing uses of technology, allowing them to lock out competition in repair and re-sale businesses, and to threaten and silence security researchers. The law has some exceptions, but they are far too narrow and complicated.

Those flaws are one reason EFF is challenging Section 1201 in court on behalf of researcher Matthew Green and technologist Andrew “bunnie” Huang. In the lawsuit, filed last year, we explain why Section 1201 is an unlawful restraint on speech and ask the court to strike the law down. Congress has also considered several fixes to the law over the last few years, ranging from comprehensive fixes to smaller corrections.

Meanwhile, after the last rulemaking, the Copyright Office asked for public comments and held hearings about Section 1201, leading to the report released on Thursday. In the report, the Copyright Office announces its belief that “the statute’s overall structure and scope . . . remains sound.” The Office also believes that bypassing access controls can violate Section 1201 even when the purpose of the circumvention has nothing to do with copyright infringement. Federal appeals courts are sharply divided on this question, and the Copyright Office seems to be putting its thumb on the scales in favor of rightsholder control and against freedom of expression and innovation.

If a Section 1201 violation can happen without any connection to copyright infringement, then Section 1201 gives copyright holders (and DRM vendors) vast control over technology users, beyond what copyright law already gave them. According to the Copyright Office’s interpretation, Section 1201 gives copyright holders “control over the terms of access to their works online.” That means that by wrapping software, music, games, video, or text in a layer of DRM, copyright holders gain the ability to dictate when, where, and how we can use those things, and the technology we can use to interact with them. And it means that copyright holders can nullify the public’s fair use rights. The Copyright Office’s approach here is the wrong approach, and it deepens the law’s constitutional problems.

The report is also notable for what it doesn’t contain: any evidence that we need a ban on circumventing digital locks in the first place. The report points out that “explosive growth in legitimate digital content delivery services” happened “after the enactment of Section 1201,” but it doesn’t attempt to show that the law was what caused that growth. It also mentions a statement by a Senate committee in 1998, that “copyright owners will hesitate to make their works readily available on the Internet without reasonable assurance that they will be protected against massive piracy.” Today, of course, the Internet contains many lifetimes worth of amazing creative work of all kinds, made available by creatives without any DRM, so that prediction did not come true.

The report doesn’t cite any studies or data showing that Section 1201 has been beneficial to creativity or the digital economy. And the only experts it cites to are entertainment companies with an interest in keeping the control that 1201 provides them, and the same members of Congress who requested the report in the first place—hardly a convincing case.

The report does make some recommendations for fixing the law, including new and expanded exceptions to the ban on circumvention. The Copyright Office recommends that Congress expand the permanent exemptions for security testing and encryption research, by removing or mitigating restrictions in those exemptions that have made those exemptions too uncertain for many in the computer security community to rely on.

The report also recommends a new permanent exemption for assistive technologies for people with disabilities. That change is overdue, as advocates for print-disabled people have had to request exemptions for screen-reading and other assistive technologies every three years for nearly two decades.

In the last rulemaking cycle, EFF and other organizations requested exemptions covering maintenance, repair, and modification of software. One of the unfortunate effects of Section 1201 in recent years has been to cast a cloud of legal uncertainty over repair businesses ranging from cars to smartphones, and to block the re-use of devices like phone handsets and printer cartridges. The Copyright Office report recommends a new permanent exemption covering “diagnosis, maintenance, repair, and obsolescence” activities, not limited to any specific technologies. That would be a positive step. But the report rejects an exemption for modifying software for other reasons, such as to improve or customize the software. That’s a problem, because those activities are largely legal and beneficial, aside from the legal risk created by Section 1201.

Finally, the report offers some fixes to the rulemaking process for temporary exemptions that happens every three years. Notably, the Copyright Office will offer a way to renew exemptions from previous cycles with what they claim will be minimal time and expense. We’re expecting the Copyright Office to begin a new rulemaking cycle soon, so we’ll get to see how well this works in practice and whether they are able to make the process less expensive. In several places in the report, the Copyright Office offers to try to make temporary exemptions broader and more useful to the populations they affect. We’ll be holding them to that.

However, the Copyright Office still insists that it should be unlawful for anyone to distribute tools to allow beneficiaries of rulemaking exemptions to take advantage of the exemption, because “it would be impossible to control” subsequent uses of such tools. The real, proven need for circumvention has to take a back seat to the hypothetical scenario where the beneficiary then decides to infringe.

It’s too bad the Copyright Office won’t address the fundamental flaws of Section 1201, especially given the multitude of problems that the report acknowledges. A simple, comprehensive fix like the Unlocking Technology Act introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren would solve many of the problems that Section 1201 causes for security professionals, tinkerers, people with disabilities, repair and resale businesses, teachers, students, libraries, and many others. A piecemeal approach will solve just a few of the current problems, at the cost of ever more complexity and a continuing demand for massive public interest resources to make the exemption process work. Congress, or the courts, should do more.

Last weekend's reflection

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 08:13 pm
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Reflection for 24-25 June 2017
Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A

Text: Jeremiah 20:10-13, Romans 5:12-15, Matthew 10:26-33.

Read more... )

Exchange at Fic Corner: C'mon, It'll Be Fun!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 07:43 pm
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The Exchange at Fic Corner is a gift exchange for fic based on children's and YA books and short stories from picture books to edgy teen novels. The FAQ can be found on Dreamwidth (and I think on LJ still).

June 18th - June 27th - Sign-Ups
June 28th - Assignments Sent Out
August 21st - Deadline for Stories
August 28th - Collection Goes Live

Tag Set (on AO3)

Sign Up Form (on AO3)


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