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Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 12:24 pm
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Requested fandoms for Space Swap

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Star Trek: The Original Series

Hoban "Wash" Washburne & Plastic Dinosaurs

Perhaps something about how Wash aquired his dinosaurs, meaning they might have (or acquire) for him. Or something like him daydreaming about being a dinosaur. His idea of what dinoaurs were like could be realistic or, more likely, not! (I saw this tag in the tagset and it seems like such fun.)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Groot & Rocket Raccoon

I so like the friendship and made-family of these two! Anywhere from fluff through to dark would be great. (A darker idea: perhaps baby Groot doesn't remember as much as Rocket expects.) On the fluffier side, maybe Groot getting some sort of caretaking (watering? music he likes? particular soil?) from Rocket at any "age".

Star Trek: The Original Series

I'd greatly enjoy inclusion of the history in The Pandora Principle or a different idea entirely. Saavik's childhood (dark or not so), or her young adulthood and/or time at Starfleet Academy. If you include Spock (or thoughts of or communication with Spock), any piece of a mentoring and/or familiar relationship!

Stylistic things
I like worldbuilding, and all sorts of character relationships (families and networks of many, many kinds). I'm always happy to read about animal or otherwise nonhuman characters. I prefer reading stories where alternate universes and strange concepts take themselves seriously (as opposed to surrealism or meta humour). I'm comfortable with past or present tense, third, first, or even second person. I know not using capital letters to start names or sentences can be a stylistic choice, but I can't read a story without those markers.

Thank you!
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katherine: Girl with glasses: Fuzzy cat with a folded pair of glasses by her paw. (Default)